There are so many benefits to enjoy if you transform your attic you may wish to start browsing loft conversion prices right away. However, if you are still unsure whether this is the best option for you, read our guide to find out more about the advantages of such a renovation.

Extra space

In many properties today, the attic is essentially dead space. While you may use your garage, shed or understairs cupboard to store things rather than climb up and down a ladder to the loft, the flipside of this is that you have practically an entire storey’s worth of space going empty.

If your property feels overly crowded, it is a waste to have an empty loft right above your heads.

With this in mind, converting it into usable space could be incredibly worthwhile - particularly if moving to a larger house is not an option.

Some of the most popular loft conversions are to create a new bedroom or a second bathroom. Whatever you are having done, you will need to contact specialists in central heating installation, while if you are thinking of having a new bathroom fitted you should also consult a plumber.

New rooms

Even if you do not need a new bedroom or bathroom, it can still be beneficial to have an attic conversion - as you can never have too many rooms!

For instance, you could transform your attic space into something a little more luxurious, which you may not be able to justify doing elsewhere in your home. You might choose to have a home gym set up here or even a cinema room, where you and your family are able to lounge on a large sofa and enjoy your very own movie nights.

Another popular option is to use the attic as guest quarters for any visitors you have. If you have children, you may find that any spare bedrooms you had are used by them, so having this space dedicated to friends and family can be advantageous.

In addition to the bedroom, you could also have an ensuite bathroom fitted - which guests may prefer as it affords them a degree of privacy.

Alternatively, you could use the space as a home office, which may be useful for the whole family. While you can catch up on extra office work here in the evenings or weekends, your children could use it as a quiet space in which to study.

loft conversions london might not have considered is the outdoor potential offered by the loft. If you only have a small yard, you may be keen to speak with flat roofing experts about the possibility of having a balcony or terrace constructed.

Remember, often the higher up in your house you go, the better the views get, as the vista is uninterrupted by other nearby houses.

You could have some double doors installed that allow you to walk right out on to the balcony - and you may also wish to contact metal workers to create a bespoke surround for the terrace, so that you are safe when you use it.

Even if a balcony is not an option, it is worth consulting with experts to see how to take full advantage of those views, which may mean opting for large double windows rather than the traditional skylights.

Added value

The one thing putting you off a loft conversion may be the cost; however you could find you easily recoup the investment once you come to sell your home.

By being able to market the property as having an extra bedroom or bathroom, it is feasible that you will be able to put it on the market at a higher price.

In addition, you could attract more buyers, increasing the likelihood of you enjoying a speedy sale.

Remember that to be classed as living space, it will need to have permanent access to it, so you will not be able to simply fit a ladder to your loft. With this in mind, it is worth getting the correct planning permission should you need it, in order to have the best chance possible of ultimately making your money back.